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The Krofft Super Art Show - Be There!

The Krofft Super Art Show - Be There!

Kii Arens

Hey Everyone! I’m holding the Krofft Super Art Show to share some the fondness we all have for Sid & Marty Krofft.You know the Kroffts - you may not know you know them but maybe you do?

HR Pufnstuf - Krofft
Hanna-Barbera’s Bannana Splits - Krofft
Land of The Lost, Sigmond and The Sea Monster, Electra Woman, DynaGirl, Dr. Shrinker, Krofft Supershow!

They are eclectic AND they were incredibly talented and influential artists in the 70s, before and beyond. There will be pieces at the show by Allen Price, Amanda Visell, Anthony Ausgang, Dawn Aquarius, Arbito, Art of Chase, Chris Recarrdi, Chris Shary, David Medel, Donny Miller, Fuzzy Visio Records, Grace Tame, Jesse Riggle, Arens, Krista Perry, Matthew bone, Michelle Valigura, Oliver Hibert, Snaggs, Steve Ellis, Tom Hazelmyer, Lil Tuffy, and Zachary Moldof…!

ALL OF THEM. Displaying Krofft inspired art. If you’ve NEVER seen a show at our LaLaLand Gallery the is a MUST see!

See the article from our friends at Hi-Fructose.

Yes I did a tribute piece and will show this off in a follow up post.

The Krofft Super Art Show
At LaLaLand Gallery
6450 Santa Monica Blvd. 90038
Saturday, August 26th, 7-11pm

Too groovy to miss! Can’t wait to share in the fun and work of the amazing Sid & Marty Krofft.

More soon on Life of Kii.